What We Offer

We set up online classroom environments that include everything you need for a complete bible program.

Ideal for:

  • Churches
  • Para-church ministries
  • Christian schools
  • Christian colleges

Quality Coursework

What makes our courses so valuable are the texts we use. Our college level curricula are authored by recognized experts in their fields. These texts are used widely among bible colleges and seminaries throughout the United States.

Course reading, quizzes and exams come straight from the authors or the publishers themselves. So you know you are getting the very best test base possible for each course. Additionally, each course requires a passing grade of 70%.

Your graduates WILL know the subject matter of each text they study.

We Put Well Designed, Ready-to-Use Courses In Your Hands For Your People

We offer ready-to-use courses for Churches, Christian schools, and para-church organizations who want to start a small bible program or a complete bible college, at a very affordable rate. These courses are designed for students, staff, or laymen.

Our Pricing Will Not Rob You of Precious Dollars Needed for Other Church or Para-Church Ministries

Most bible colleges spend ten's of thousands of dollars setting up their online presence. For a fraction of that cost, we provide nine academic programs and the technology to deliver them.

Affordable Payment Options

Pay in Full

We will install everything on any compatible server for free, and brand it as you wish. Additionally, for 1 year you will receive any coursework updates we may make.

Enjoy an Affordable Installment Plan

We will host everything on our server until you pay off your balance.  After that, you may continue to use our server at a yearly fee.  Or, at your request, we will migrate everything to another compatible server for a one-time fee.

We Design Your Main Site and Educational Site, With Your Branding

Your main web site (created in Joomla) describes what you have to offer, and how students may sign up. Your educational site (created in Moodle) offers the courses themselves.

Both the main and educational sites will carry your logo, motto, and name identifiers.

If this is your goal, our top quality courses are what you need.